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The Indonesian Traditional dining room

Homemakingwithstyle - The traditional dining room design is king4d still the homeowner's choice to make their dining room interior design more attractive. Although the era has grown very rapidly with a variety of things that modern, classical and traditional things are still in demand.

This is inseparable from the development of art that not only put forward the present work alone, but also the design that brings together various styles from time to time. The traditional dining room design is not an ancient design, but tends to have a high aesthetic value.

Traditional Dining Room Design 8

Traditional style does not mean this style will look more ancient and outdated. Traditionally famous today for the interior of the dining room is a design that tends to be more impressed warm, natural, and also neatly arranged. Warmth can be seen from the dominant color of brown in every part of the room.

Natural design can be observed from the use of natural materials, be it wood fork furniture or for the floor of the room. Tidiness is also the key to how poker traditional designs are not outdated. The rooms are arranged more neatly will look more elegant and minimalist.

Pictures of the New Traditional Dining Room Design 2017 : 

Tips on Designing a Traditional Dining Room

Then what is the traditional dining room design for you? You may need to pay attention to several things, such as your dining room type, the overall home design, and the design complement that you will need as decoration. Type of dining room is certainly important so that you can better estimate the traditional design is good without much space.

Similarly, estimate the type of furniture you will use in filling the dining room. With the type of dining room that may be minimalist, then you can limit the use of large furniture and spend your dining room with useless.

The traditional dining room design would not be complete without accessories as a finishing touch in the decorating process. In the traditional cashback poker style especially for the room, the necessary accessories can be in considerable amounts. Especially if you want to make a more traditional traditional style such as vintage design.

Start by providing easy decorations, such as wall-to-wall dining accessories using paintings or mirrors. Wallpaper for the wall can also be considered for the atmosphere of the dining room is not too ordinary if only with ordinary wall paint.

The dominance of wood materials you need to highlight in the dining room. Not only from the furniture but also the construction of the room. The wooden floor of the dining room with its natural accents will complement the traditional style of the room.

If you want to experience a more traditional atmosphere, then you can show wooden design on the dining room ceiling. Do not forget the design of the lights are also synonymous with things that smell classic.

That's the things we can say about the amazing and unique traditional dining room design. May be useful to add your inspiration in designing the dining room with the traditional style that fits. Thank you for visiting.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Concept of Minimalist Home Garden Design With Garden

Homemakingwithstyle - The existence of a garden in a house will make the house look more beautiful and comfortable. However, what if the land is very narrow and not possible to create a garden? Relax, for those of you who have a house with a narrow land can still create a home garden. The concept of a minimalist home garden now there are many and can be used as a reference you who want to create a home garden with a narrow land. Limitations of existing land can not be the main reason not to create a garden.

Minimalist Land Minimalist Home Park Design
Taman minimalist house with a narrow land can be disiasati by utilizing the land front of the remaining home. The form of modern minimalist home garden that utilizes the land front of this house does not need to be too fancy and too many plants. The most important thing in making a garden in front of the house is the existence of beautiful plants and well maintained. A garden with too many plants but not maintained will make the appearance of a minimalist house that should be beautiful to be arid and ugly. Therefore, take care of the front garden of your home.

Creating a minimalist home garden with a narrow frontage can take advantage of the front porch of the house. The front porch of the house you can turn into a garden vines and hanging. These creeping and hanging plants can make your minimalist home design look more beautiful and nice. If you decide to make a garden with plants hanging on the porch of the house, try if the plants are cut regularly. Cutting hanging plants and vines on a regular basis will beautify the front view of your home.

If the land front of your house is still left then you can create a small park in front of your minimalist home. Taman minimalist house with fish pond can be the choice of your front garden concept. This fish pond can be used as a garden center in front of the house. To beautify the appearance of the front garden of the house, you can plant some ornamental plants around the fish pond. In addition, you can also add ornaments in the form of a small waterfall made on the wall corner of a minimalist home garden near a fish pond.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Inspiration of a Simple Small Bedroom Bedroom Interior Design

Home design - The bedroom is a place for us to rest after a day's activities. So, it is important to pay attention to the interior design of the bedroom for comfort while resting. The interior of the bedroom needs to be adapted to the needs of its inhabitants. It does not matter if you have a small bedroom. There are various inspirations interior bedroom design that can be followed to make a small bedroom to look attractive.
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Design a child's bedroom
Although childhood is short enough, there is no harm in designing an impressive room for the childhood memory of your beloved sons and daughters. For children who are still toddlers, you can try Montessori child bedroom design.

The main principle in designing Montessori child's bedroom is to let the child make his own choice. Wardrobe and toys are placed in easy reach of children. The goal is that children can reach and choose their own clothes. The bed should also be made easy for toddlers to rise and fall on their own.

Child bed (Source:

For older children, the principle is not much different from that. Let the child choose for himself what kind of bedroom he wants according to his own character. However, older children certainly have unlike the same needs as toddlers.

Child bed (Source:

Romantic bedroom design
Romantic bedroom for both parents was no less important. Appropriate bedroom design can evoke romantic mood for couples so that household harmony is maintained.

Pangkalan Jati House by RAW Architecture (Source:

Blackout curtain is the key in designing a romantic bedroom. Every window needs to have these dark-colored curtains to cover the outside world and you can linger in bed. Also do not hesitate to buy a large and comfortable bed with a luxurious feel for the sake of romance you and your partner.

2x3 bedroom design and 3x3 bedroom design
The small bedrooms can be a charming look with the right design. For 2x3 meter bedroom design and 3x3 meter bedroom design, using bright colors will reflect light and give the effect look wider. Choose furniture with a minimalist model for this 2x3 size bedroom to avoid the full impression and tightness in the room. A folding table or mattress that can be put in a cupboard when not in use can also be an option.

Interior bedroom (Source:

Bedroom design minimalist size 3x4
For a bedroom measuring 3x4 meters, you can decorate it by putting the bed and wardrobe in each corner of the room. Wall hangings such as photos, paintings, or wall stickers can be used to create a minimalist view of your 3x4 bedroom more beautiful and beautiful views. Customize the decoration with the room color.

Beautiful bedroom interiors (Source:

Bedroom design is simple and cheap
You can also decorate your bedroom without having to make a wallet to be thin. You can save more money by buying branded furniture at a discount or promo. If you have enough free time and expertise, you can make your own bed or cabinet. You can also recycle old used wood or repaint old furniture.

Try going to your warehouse and discover if there is anything that can be recycled to beautify your bedroom. Like the rest of the bed made of used doors. Stay elegant, right?
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Friday, November 3, 2017

Tips to Cleaning Houses Quickly and Effectively

Home Design - Currently, a lot of professional cleaner services are easily booked through the application and ready to help you to make your house clean. If these services are used occasionally it does not matter. However, it will cause new problems if these services are used continuously. Your household expenses will swell just to hire professional cleaner services.

Actually, togel alam this house cleaning activities you can do yourself without using the services of professional cleaner. In fact, if you can do this activity quickly, why take all day and why should bother to hire the services of professional cleaner? Perhaps the majority of people will argue that the activity of cleaning the house is a tedious and tiring thing. However, if you abandon such a mindset, this activity will also be a fun activity.

1. Start from a messy corner

Begin your house cleaning activities from the most messy rooms and disturb your view. An example is the dining room because the dining room is the most busy and messy place in the morning. Immediately clean the dining room after all activities in the dining room is complete. Or you can also start from cleaning the bedroom first just after you wake up. If one room becomes clean in real time, it will give you the motivation to also clean the other room. By doing a heavy task first, a small cleaning will feel lighter and easier. If you feel tired after cleaning this one room too, at least one room has been clean.

2. Get rid of old stuff

If you are the type of person who often buys new items without planning, then, you should also be ready to immediately clean up the old things in your home. Donate or do garage sale to get rid of old items and replaced with new items you have purchased. House cleaning activities will be easier if your home is not filled with a variety of goods. Also read: How To Clean The House From Negative Energy.

3. Prepare storage to store goods

To make your home look much tidier, prepare a box, cardboard, or storage place to store your belongings. Bundle your stuff and put it in the storage box so it does not fall apart. Label or name in each box to make it easier to search when you need it and to be organized when cleaning the house. Read also: How to Organize House.

4. Empty the sink

Every time you finish cooking, eating, or drinking, be careful to wash the equipment. With a sink that looks clean and not full of mess, this will change your mood for the better. Read also: Kitchen Equipment Required.

Prepare the doormat in places that are easily dirty

Provide a doormat in front of the entrance, bathroom, kitchen, or room to the terrace and garage, as well as other places prone to causing dirt in the house. In this way, you can also slightly save energy to sweep and mop. Also read: Home Health Criteria.

6. Involve the whole family to help

Because the whole family lives in the house, then, involve them in cleaning the house. Work done together too will feel lighter and faster completed than done alone. This activity will also teach children that home work is something they should do alone especially if later they will live alone away from parents, such as living in boarding, dormitories, and the like.

7. Open the window while cleaning the house

Window is the main means to bring fresh air and sunlight into the house. A good air change will make the room inside your home more comfortable. In addition, sunlight is also able to kill bacteria naturally as well as powerful to eliminate unpleasant odors in the house. Read also: Healthy Environment Characteristics.

8. Do it simultaneously

Another tip to save time in cleaning the house is to do some work together. For example before you take a shower, take a little time to clean the bathroom. Or while watching the children bathe, you can while cleaning the bathroom or smoothing the towel pile and others. This way the activities of cleaning the house became more effective and efficient.

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Model Fence Minimalist Houses It's Worthy You Imitate Immediately !!!

Home Design - The house fence is not an official component in a house but it is also important to get a fence for your home security. With the fence, you get additional security because the fence can minimize theft though it does not mean with the fence of your house will be free from thieves.

But at least your home will be safer compared to homes that do not have a fence. With the fence of this house you can also protect your child from the highway that could endanger your child. For your own fence there are various models of minimalist fence for your house. Nowadays minimalist house fence is being a trend of fence house in big city. baju online

The minimalist home fence model itself is perfect for those of you who have a house with a minimalist model. Houses with a minimalist model itself is also being the choice of many people because it has a more attractive appearance compared to the standard model house. Simple appearance but still comfortable to live in one of the advantages of occupancy with this minimalist model.

In addition to the price of making your own home with a minimalist model is cheaper than the standard house. For a minimalist house fence, you can choose a variety of basic materials such as concrete, iron or wood. But if you want a little fancy fence, you can combine all three.

For the minimalist metal fence model of iron, you can choose the model of open fence cover or can also use the model of thrust and shear. Of course with the iron material is strong enough to protect your home.

But if you want a stronger fence then you can use the material from the concrete. But if you want a more artistic fence again, then you can use wood materials. Or you can also use all three to get a strong fence and also artistic. Above we have given various models of minimalist fence for your house.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Exotic traditional house interior design

Often there is a very entertaining impression of a simple traditional house design, where the treasures are displayed lovingly, each furnishings very rich in historical heritage and every detail with care. Being in an ethnic style home can be romantic and traditional atmosphere of the past.

Every ethnic style house is always synonymous with peaceful, comfortable, relaxed and calm atmosphere. The atmosphere is as if you return back to the 'roots' that you left behind while the busy life and life clutter is burdensome. Anyone would certainly feel at home in it. (Kios Online)

If you've ever seen a Javanese ethnic house design, you'll feel the same way. Similarly, when you go home various ethnic homes are scattered throughout Indonesia, such as Minangkabau Traditional House Gadang, Rumah Dalam Loka, custom house West Nusa Tenggara, West Kalimantan Betang House, and so forth.

The comforts of a simple ethnic home lie in the mix of space hierarchy, in-room compositions, and visual characteristics created by combining elements as well as light, color and proportion.

If you are online, it is difficult to know how to turn it into a simple traditional home design without completely redecorating your entire home. However, if your budget is limited, do not worry. Still, to redesign an ethnic style home with a modern twist without a total overhaul.

Here are some important changes you can do around ethnic style homes to preserve traditional culture, no matter what style you apply today.

1. Secrets of natural elements

Rustic design which in Indonesian means 'rusty' or old (ancient). This concept is based on awareness of the environment and elements of elements and elements that have not been fabricated. The material already has a rough surface texture because it is intentionally left natural and not much in-finishing.

In Indonesia, the interior design of rustic houses has been applied frequently, especially for ethnic style houses that adhere to traditional architecture, such as traditional houses and traditional houses. The design of a simple rustic-style traditional house also has an essence that accentuates the natural impression of the space user, and offers a rustic feel with the natural, rusting, spatial elements of the elements of space, not even finishing, sanded or drained so that the beauty of the vernacular side . With the concept of nature-based, the material comes from nature such as wood, stone, metal, and so processed by 3R method (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

2. The mixed combo concept

The concept of ethnic-style home interior design can use the eclectic concept of complementary elements or styles into a separate form in one room. This style is the element of the past to create something new and original. In architecture and interior design, these elements include building structures, furniture, motif decorations, historical ornaments, traditional cultural motifs or styles from other countries.
The concept of simple ethnic house design of this eclectic style does not look formal and rigid because the look of the room that is not solely focused on the traditional concept only. In addition the room will also look more dynamic and cheerful.

3. Classic Romance

For those of you who like a bit of a touch of luxury, ethnic style home interior design can also be combined with a classic concept that prioritizes composition, balance, perfect harmonization and elements of great detail.

Interior design of classical ethnic house Joglo Ksatrian by MOM Architect [Source:]

Ethnic style home interior design that uses the classic concept generally has many focal points that are realized through detail furniture and ornaments and accentuate scale and proportion. Like Joglo Ksatrian by MOM Architect, the classic concept is highlighted through the furniture detail focal point and classic chandelier, though not too much. This concept can show the room looks more luxurious, elegant, and reminds us of the past.

Read also: Comfortable Home for Family Places

4. Smart-tech innovation

You may ask, is it possible to combine a simple ethnic style with a futuristic concept? The futuristic concept is designed by relying on the imagination of space to be used in the future. Usually this design uses metal materials and fabrication materials with high efficiency and technology.

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Modern Minimalist Home Design Concepts

Lately, the concept of modern minimalist home design is very popular. If you are also interested in using the concept, you should first understand the philosophy contained in the "modern minimalist home", whether your character suits or not.
When it suits your character please proceed, but if not look for a home design concept that reflects your lifestyle!
The Jual Miras world notes that the minimalist style was born around the 18th - 19th centuries, with Ludwig Mies as one of the pioneers. He introduced a new design style that prioritizes simplicity. Simplifying all building elements to be as simple as possible without reducing functionality, "less is more" is the principle.

After a few dim moments, the minimalist design popular back in the late 20th century. But the reappearance of minimalist style is already much influenced by modern architecture. Modern style emphasizes function while minimalist style accentuates simplicity. Minimalist style with modern style background is then known as modern minimalist architecture.
Understanding of modern minimalist architecture is still a debate to this day. There are some experts who say that modern minimalist style is part of modern architecture, but some other experts do not agree. What is certain is that this style emphasizes functionality and simplicity.

Typical Types of Modern Minimalist Houses
There are certain characteristics that make modern minimalist home easily recognizable. The most obvious can be seen from the physical side of the building, modern minimalist home look tends to feature a perpendicular straight line (either vertical or horizontal), more daring in terms of coloring and using modern building materials.

Examples of Modern Minimalist Concept Implementation

1. Simplify Shapes and Functions

The basic shape of the building tends to be a beam or cube.
Not using the curved element on the wall of the house so that the optimal space function.
Simplify space and eliminate unimportant space. Using the concept of multifunctional space, can be a living room and living room into one without any separator (space efficiency).

2. House Wall Without Finishing

         The walls use modern materials (eg clading).
         When using brick as wall filler, final settlement of cement plaster.
Using partition walls without finsihing as space divider.

3. Detail Simple Without Ornaments or Decorations

    The staircase uses a square hollow with no extra stair ornaments (special house level).
    Flat canopy made of concrete plate.
    Doors and windows do not use mullion (panel).
    Use a square-shaped base funiture.

4. Large Ventilation Concepts

    The presence of open space in the house or skylight on the roof of the house.
    Large ventilation size to maximize natural exposure and lighting.

Why is the concept of a minimalist home always sought? the reason is simple because the population growth is not proportional to the availability of land then as an alternative way, the minimalist house is one of the options that make sense. In addition to the narrowness of land, the house with the concept of modern design is chosen because the trend. The residence will look simple but look elegant also beautiful. contemporary minimalist homes In Indonesia, minimalist homes are not only widely used in big cities only. But in the villages have also started to bloom selected, of course, this house became a favorite choice of many people.

The needs of the community will be a place to stay is unavoidable. But the facts on the ground are that most of our people are at the middle and low levels and how high the cost of home production and land prices. Seen at this time people tend to seek reference design or concept places that maximize their budget. minimalist home concept It is also ogled and then followed up by the property developers to bring variant variants of the house with a type like that, one of which is a modern minimalist type, tropical and others. Especially for this type lately public interest tend to shift towards that. This is due to several factors: the concept of a minimalist home design
Minimalist home prices tend to be cheaper than the usual model house prices. Because the 1st floor minimalist house using only a material that is not too much and can be built with a simple home model.

Utilizing the maximal room rule is the philosophy of a small-style architecture. Similarly, for the use of paint color. Not too much use of color combinations, usually at most 3 colors only. Like the composition of the door color, wall paint color until the wall decoration should be aligned. Going forward in this type of house, the furniture used also tends to be simpler and multi functional. So like a cupboard can be used for storage as well as for decoration.

Nowadays consumers are much more easy because the various references on the form, layout and drawings of the building can easily be found via the internet or from a book book. Hopefully some picture about the concept of small minimalist home type can you make a reference to build or buy it.